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  • Cougar Attack X3 Gaming Keyboard

Cougar Attack X3

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Cougar Attack X3 Gaming Keyboard

THE choice of gamers

The COUGAR ATTACK X3 is a pro gamer’s dream, come true. Cherry MX Switches, fully configurable key functions (including macros), strong red backlight and a durable and visually stunning aluminum design. No superfluous buttons or additions, only what true gamers need.

With a guaranteed lifetime of at least 50 million strokes, the Cherry MX Mechanical Switches are the first and best mechanical switches available on the market. Their unmistakable tactile feedback, unrivaled accuracy and distinctive sound all contribute to putting ATTACK X3 above its competitors.

Cougar Attack X3 Gaming Keyboard

PERFECT accuracy, superior speed

Fast and Accurate ( NKRO in USB Mode + 1000Hz Polling Rate / 1ms Reaction )

The COUGAR ATTACK X3 is a full NKRO Mechanical Keyboard (in USB Mode) that guarantees that your input is entirely and accurately transmitted to the computer. ATTACK X3’s 1000Hz Polling rate and 1 ms response time and smooth performance for commands and functions. In competitive gaming, a difference in response time is what decides life and death.

Cougar Attack X3 Gaming Keyboard

CLEAN gaming experience

COUGAR ATTACK X3’s design fulfills three key requirements from gamers. First, it is a clean design that offers the standard layout plus a few handy extra functions. No extra keys will interfere with your gaming. Second, its design includes a strong brushed aluminum frame that enhances the keyboard’s durability and gives it a premium feel. This structure, of military design inspiration, is one of ATTACK X3’s most defining visual features. Last but not least, it includes a set of powerful red backlights that will allow you to play in any environment.



  • Cherry MX Brown mechanical
  • Software: COUGAR UIX™ SYSTEM
  • On-Board Memory
  • N-key rollover
  • Full key backlight
  • 1000Hz / 1ms
  • Golden-plated USB plug(1.8m Braided)
  • Weight: 0.9kg
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